How to calculate age in Excel

1. Make sure you enter the date of birth (DOB) correctly. Make sure the cells used being formatted as date format.

Formula: =INT((TODAY()-DOB)/365.25)

The answer is normally in decimal place. If you want the age to show year, month and day, pse follow next lesson.

Replace DOB with the cells reference that contains the value. If your DOB data is in cell B2, then replace DOB with B2.

TODAY() is an Excel Function for today’s date.


Various shape of Excel cursor

It is better to understand the function of cursor in Excel. Excel is having various shape of cursor to represent its special or specific function. To know more its uses and functions, please visit this website.

Hello world!


To start, I welcome everybody to my blog. The aim of this blog is to try to dessiminate knowledge of MS Excel 2007 to my counterparts in government sectors especially the Malaysian Armed Forces on how to make full use the power of Excel program.

In this program, the focus will be on the management of human resources in our everyday life such as how to calculate the age of every service personnel and many more including the calculation of Run-out Date or TTP base on date of joining the service or date of enlistment.

I will try my best to produce the articles and videos in Bahasa Malaysia so that all level rank and files may understand my instructions and straight away apply them.


p/s. Null and void. That was the original intention but now focusing on different area. 11 March 2017.